Korean Cupcake
Hey guys ! This is my second blog , first about kpop ,korean drama and rebloging korean post etc .
Korean Cupcake

Reblog if you worked out today
What is this movie please ???
This is the WORST drama !! Really, I watched this drama like 50 times, I cried until my eyes almost fall off, my heart was beating like crazy that it almost killed me, my obsession with every actor felt like high fever. Ruineed my life :D Worst means the best
Our Sistar are just fabolous! <3
Watch "[MV] SISTAR(씨스타)_Touch my body(터치 마이 바디)" on YouTube
I decided to change.. I definetly need to eat healthier and start with the healthy lifestyle. I have my phone full of motivation, pictures of nice bodies, food recipes, tips and tricks how to loose weight. That was like my first step. My second step will be to start workout. I chose a flat stomach and butt workouts. I will do it everyday. Or at least try to do them all. My third step is eat normally but more healthy I will try to eat a lot of veggies, drink a lot and so. Since Im a really big fan of fast food even if I know how unhealthy it is. Wow its so easy to write it.. but so hard to make it. Still.. I have ti try it. ♥ Good luck for me and good ouck for you guys out there ♥