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Korean Cupcake
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Nerys Blandová, the third richest person in the world just uploaded a picture of her and Miley hanging out on the celebrity party biggest of the year ? What happened ? Is she no longer friend with Zuzana Nguyen?Will this picture make Zuzana jealous? We all know how much they like each other but how could Nerys do that to her ? We all know really well, that there were rumours about Miley liking Zuzana’s fiancee. And we know that they both hate each other. Anyway we also spotted Nerys’s boyfriend in Hollywood filming his new upcoming movie. And also saw him purchasing a new car.
As we know, this lovely dovely couple were in London for shopping. Next day, early morning we spotted this beautiful couple holding hands arrived in Italy. We, Celebrity news will bring you all the best news about our celebrities!
Big news! Zuzana Nguyen and her fiancee were spotted in London for highly luxurious shopping for their wedding. As we can see in the first picture, there are 2 Lambos. White one belongs to the most talented fashionista, Zuzana Nguyen and red one belongs to her beloved fiancee.

Cross over between Jang Hyuk in Fated To Love You drama and Windstruck movie (with Jun Ji Hyun)  :D